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Watercolour is my preferred medium and my paintings feature nature, birds, children, sea, landscapes and Sumi e.
Sumi e has been a wonderful discovery. I love this style of painting, an art form that distills the essence of an object or scene in the fewest possible strokes. A few carefully placed broad strokes that fade off abruptly, a few thin lines and a dot, and a bird is clearly called into being on the paper. Still a long way to travel on this.

I have done mainly commission work, sold at flea markets to all and sundry and show in a small local gallery where I live.

I still have no signature style that I can see - and that is something I really would love to have - to be recognised by that. I have so many likes that I try all and I have to be....'Jill of all trades'.
T h o u g h t s a n d s u g g e s t i o n s:-
Art does make a unique gift that you can contribute to this sometimes colourless world, and if given as a gift your recipient will treasure this for years to come

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How long now Ma? by Sibby


Bobble heads to be by Sibby


Poopered Ma sleeping in the moonlight by Sibby


Tuscan Courtyard by Sibby


Safe Harbour by Sibby


The Hedge Row by Sibby


Hedge by Sibby


How many can I have by Sibby S


Isola Pescatori by Sibby S


Red Poppies by Sibby S


Poppies of Provence by Sibby S


Eagles place by Sibby


Swamp Shack by Sibby S


Dickerson Bay Marsh by Sibby S


Amaryllis by Sibby S


Lamplight at dusk by Sibby S


Riverside walk by Sibby S


Velvet Red Amaryllis by Sibby S


Ghost Ship by Sibby S


Dingy by Sibby S


Boat House by Sibby S


The Creek by Sibby S


Red Sail by Sibby


Cape Florida lighthouse by Sibby S


lighthouse by Sibby S


Ginkgo Biloba leaves by Sibby S


Autumn Forest glade by Sibby S


Pigeon Point lighthouse - California by Sibby S


Autumn Creek by Sibby S


Palm Beach by Sibby S


Iris by Sibby S


Flanders Poppies by Sibby S


Sumi e Poppies by Sibby S


Cobbled Street by Sibby S


Beached boats by Sibby S


Bronze Iris by Sibby S


Iris by Sibby S


Good Fishin' by Sibby S


narcissus by Sibby S


Conch by Sibby S


Hellebore by Sibby S


Swamp by Sibby S


Lighthouse by Sibby S


Lighthouse by Sibby S


Sunset by Sibby S


Blue Flowers by Sibby S


Country place by Sibby S


Flower spray by Sibby S